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Gabriel Evangelista is a composer, arranger, bandleader, pianist, percussionist and educator based in Montreal, Canada.


He holds a bachelor's degree in Composition from Université de Montréal, a bachelor's degree in Jazz Piano from Concordia University, and Gamelan Gong Kebyar training in Bali.

His latest original productions include AFILAO's EP "Macizo", a cuban Jazz septet, and Acumen's eponymous album, a Jazz trio. He instigated and co-directed Giri Kedaton's "Projet Bali X", an original album fusing Gamelan Gong Kebyar to various musical styles.


He has collaborated as a composer, arranger, and performer in a variety of awarded ensembles including OktoEcho, Willy Rios, Impulso Flamenco and Lengaia Salsa Brava. He won the "Arranger or Producer of the year" prize at the 2018 Canada Latin Awards.


He teaches piano and musical theory privately, and has taught Gamelan Gong Kebyar at Université de Montréal and Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.

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